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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: MyUserNameIsKevin
Johnny, all that god nonsense aside, do you honestly think "America will be changed to an unrecognizable country. We would eventually become a socialist country" under Biden? Do you realize the monumental chain of events that would have to occur for that to happen? To begin with, you'd need a president that has a Socialist agenda. Biden is far from that. Despite what your media is telling you, Biden is not and will never be accused of being a Socialist. In fact, during one of the debates, when Trump tried to imply he was a Socialist by trying to link him to Bernie Sanders, Biden responded with, "I beat Bernie Sanders." It was about as clear as he could have been at distancing himself from and denouncing Socialism. Never once in his long history in the Senate or his eight years as a Vice President did Biden promote or support any legislation that could be remotely considered Socialist. During the campaign, for instance, he was adamantly opposed to defunding the police. This is just more of the fear that that radical right-wing media is pumping out to keep its listeners. But it's not true. Assuming, however, Biden was a raging Socialist, then you'd need a Congress, both houses, that is also Socialist, and collectively passes Socialist agendas and laws. Do you know how virtually impossible that would be? But, if we continue with this fear-mongering Democrats=Socialists agenda the radical right media is perpetuating, then you'd need a Supreme Court to uphold all those Socialist laws. Have you seen the makeup of the Supreme Court? The checks and balances of the Constitution were created to prevent just this sort of thing from ever happening. That's the genius and the beauty of the document. Oh, and the biggest trick of all. You'd need an electorate that would vote in office, or keep in office, politicians that promote a Socialist agenda. The only way the United States becomes a Socialist nation is if the people will it to be. And then, it would last only as long as the next election. Don't confuse human rights with Socialism. Don't confuse climate change with Socialism. Don't confuse civil rights with Socialism. (By the way, other than in 2016 and 2020, I have mostly voted Republican.)

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