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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: GirlFromOz
Hi KoG, Can you give me a detailed list of all the original prophesies, including those for which the date has passed? I have no other way of knowing if any of them come true. And I don't have time to watch more videos, so a list would be perfect. Also, in answer to your question, I routinely evaluate my philosophical position on a variety of issues including my views on the existence of supernatural beings. Clearly, I would be interested if any prophesies come true, but that would not be enough to convince me to change my opinion. It would be a tiny event. If any prophesies do come true, I would like to see detailed evidence. I would need to see events that exactly match prophesies. I would need to be sure that no inside information was available to the prophets prior to making their predictions, e.g., privileged access to pending legal cases. I would also need to be reassured that the prophets have no connections to Russia, Ukraine or Saudi Arabia. I still donít understand why your god is so interested in the outcome of the US Presidential election. Congress and Senate donít seem to matter so much. Iíve never seen equivalent interest from a supernatural being in Australian, New Zealand, or UK elections. Maybe I missed it. Cheers, Jude

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