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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
Jude and Mark, I've really enjoyed the friendly discussion thus far about voter fraud between the two of you (or alleged according to Jude and many others). Interesting, too, is your belief, Mark, that there are numerous cases of fraud as I do believe. Yet, Jude, you believe there is not enough to make any difference. From my experience in discussing the topic on Facebook with a number of friends and their friends, each side has their points and counterpoints. I believe we all will just have to wait and see what unfurls in the upcoming months all the way up to January 20th. Actually, several of the ministers have said the "breakthrough" will occur on January 18th. God's modern day prophecy ministers still hold fast in believing Trump will be the president in 2021, and I wholeheartedly still believe so with all of my being. Some of the ministers have said God is not concerned about the deadlines that man has set concerning this election, and that He has it totally in control. Also, Trump supporters are not to worry for justice will prevail. The true battle of this election is about preserving the soul of America as a nation. And, with Trump as president for the next four years, God's plan for a spiritual harvest can occur. If the Biden administration were to be in power that would not happen. Conversely, according to God through his prophecy ministers, the opposite would occur because of the leanings toward socialism and eventually leading to the antichrist system. That will happen in the future but not at this time. This election is actually between God and Satan thus between good and evil. Believers in God know how that will turn out! God will continue to use President Trump to achieve His goals. This is concerning the recent Supreme Court decision of denial. Trump supporters are not to be concerned about the recent ruling as there are many other avenues to follow. In the end, it will be determined by the Supreme Court that Trump was denied victory due to election fraud. I like to call it "election crime" instead as that is what it truly is, and numerous individuals will be going to prison and not just those involved in the United States but from other parts of the world as well. Trump's legal team still has plenty of evidence via the Dominion voting machines. It is my understanding based on what one of the prophecy ministers has said, the ultimate Supreme Court decision will end up 5-4. It appears that Chief Justice John Roberts will again side with the liberal justices. One of the ministers has said Chief Justice Roberts is compromised and that is the reason he has been siding with the Democrat justices in recent cases. It is believed the Chief Justice has flown on Jeffrey Epstein's airplane a few times, and he is being "leaned on" because of it. Also, he will be removed due to the scandal, and he will be replaced by President Trump during Trump's second term. Let us sit tight and watch what happens as it surely will be interesting to see!

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