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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: GirlFromOz
Iím a scientist and I love evidence. Where is the evidence that Trump won? He didnít and is a sore loser. Recounts did not change the results. What about the states where Trump won? How do you know there was no voter fraud to achieve those outcomes? How about they look at Texas? The election was run smoothly and there was a decisive outcome. Trump needs to face reality, but he canít because he canít tolerate losing. Getting people to believe his lies is his strategy. In doing so he shows contempt for his supporters. He knows they feel left out of the 'system' and he manipulates them. The only fraud in this whole ridiculous theatre is the fraud perpetrated on the American people by Trump and his cronies. There are conspiracy theories built on conspiracy theories that get more bizarre as time goes on. There has been absolutely zero evidence of fraud presented in any of the court cases filed by Trumpís supporters. Hearsay does not hold up in a court of law. Re the current last-ditch effort that they are hoping will be considered by the US Supreme Court, they need to realise that the Constitution does not allow states to interfere in elections in other states. Itís called Federalism. Ted Cruz called Trump a pathological liar and a narcissist and is now arguing his case. Whereís Cruzís integrity? Thankfully there are some Republicans that have the moral courage to stand up to Trump. This whole shemozzle is designed to line Trumpís pockets so he can run in 2024. $200 million plus so far. Disgraceful. It is his duty to look after American citizens in a time of great need, but he focusses on nothing but himself and offers no leadership. He does not deserve to be president. Thankfully this will be over soon, and Trump will disappear. Seems heíd rather play golf anyway. Maybe then the GOP can regain some credibility. Jude

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