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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
Hello again, Jude! Thank you for the link to the video where VP Biden is talking about the fraud organization that the Democratic party has in place. Thanks to your direction, I do see that he merely misspoke. He should have said something more like, "fraud PREVENTION organization". Thank you very much for sharing with me/us your religious belief/unbelief. Truly, I was hoping you were a believer in God and Jesus ... most importantly for salvation purposes, of course, but for the lesser reason ... so it would better help you to understand the three YouTube videos I am posting here. It is my hope that you and others here will watch them. As you well know from my postings on this election results subject, I have said Trump will be the ultimate victor. I have also said it will require a decision by the Supreme Court and that it may take up to the day of January 18. Plus, I have stated that it will be determined that a fraud has indeed been perpetrated upon the American people. Below are just three of many different YouTube videos stating why the election is not over. These three videos are of prophecy ministers who are relaying to God's believers His will for a particular election outcome. Even among Christians today, prophecy ministers (also known as prophets or vessels) are believed to be a thing of the past. I, however, believe in their existence today. The three videos are about an hour each. My suggestion for you or anyone else here is to view all three in their entirety. By viewing them, you will see what is prophesied to be the final outcome of the election as well as why. I understand you may have no desire to view any of them. If that is the case, that's fine. When the Supreme Court makes its decision for Trump, you perhaps will go back to view the videos at that time. It is my hope that they will be a testament to you and others here that God does exist, and He cares about the political outcome of this election. And, very importantly, the viewer will see why God will not permit the Democratic Party to prevail as it will drive America towards socialism and the antichrist system. God has other plans for America. He also wants to expose the deep, deep corruption that exists in Washington. What attorney L. Lin Wood said in his YouTube video will come to pass and that includes the imprisonment of many evil politicians and office holders in the U.S. government. Please note the date of each video. It helps to know when they were made in order to verify their validity from a prophetic standpoint: 1) CHRIS REED "Corruption and Exposure In Philadelphia" 2) DUTCH SHEETS "This Election Is Not Over" 3) HANK KUNNEMAN "A Word of Encouragement"

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