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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Very Touchy Subject...The Election Results Thus Far


Poster: King_of_Glass
[Why is the Trump administration wasting funds and time in challenging the count only in states where Trump is behind, and where there is no evidence of voter fraud? Surely if there was widespread fraud ALL results would need to be challenged.] I'm not sure if I'm understanding your question correctly, but I'll answer according to what I think you're asking. Why would Trump need to challenge the count in states where he isn't behind? That would be a waste of funds and time. As far as "no evidence of voter fraud," that's according to whom? The fake news media as Trump puts it? Trump's administration is saying they have the proof of voter fraud in numerous states. They wouldn't be pursing this if they didn't believe they have the proof, and the whole world will see the proof when the Supreme Court agrees to look at it and surely they will because I believe the evidence is there. Thus far, about 70 people have come forward to sign sworn affidavits stating they witnessed voter fraud. Some Republican poll watchers are alleging intimidation by the opposing party's election workers. Let us not forget the postal worker who has come forward as a whistleblower regarding his supervisor telling him and other workers to backdate submitted ballots that came in after the deadline. So, let's just be patient and let it all play out. As I mentioned in my earlier posting, this will probably drag out for several months. Perhaps, it will go all the way until a day or two before the inauguration which is the length of time I believe it may take. [If there was widespread fraud, how does that explain the fact that Republicans picked up House seats and performed well in the Senate?] There are allegations of fraud in some of the other races as well. Just because some Republicans won their race, it doesn't mean there wasn't fraud in Trump's election race. It's alleged that numerous ballots had only one vote marked all them, and they were marked as voting for Biden. [What do you think should be done with all the votes for the Republican candidate in North Dakota who was elected despite having died from coronavirus a month before the election?] The deceased candidate's seat should be filled by his district's Republican Party. It should be treated as if he were in office and had retired or had been removed for some reason. His seat still belongs to his party. That is how it is done in my state which is the State of New Mexico. [What do you think about Benjamin Ginsberg's comments about the need for the Justice Department to remain apolitical?] I'm not familiar with what all Ginsburg said, but just on what you stated, I disagree with him. In my opinion, the DOJ should absolutely be involved in something as important and huge as the presidential election. [I lived in the US for nine years. It has saddened me deeply to see the damage Trump and his cronies have done to your country, especially in their total disregard for the health of US citizens by completely mismanaging the coronavirus pandemic.] Jude, that is your opinion and you are absolutely entitled to it. Millions of people (Trump supporters such as myself) disagree with your opinion. It's my understanding that a vaccine will be available by the end of the year. As I'm sure you know, New York Governor Cuomo sent numerous elderly Corona patients back to their nursing homes instead of to the medical ship that Trump provided to the governor. Trump had manufacturing companies make many respirators and ventilators. He had car manufacturing companies convert their machinery to do that. [I am not sure if you are aware of the huge sigh of relief felt by the rest of the world in seeing the end of the Trump presidency, but trust me, it exists.] It doesn't concern me what other countries think of President Trump. Millions of his supporters here in the United States think he has done an incredible job in his first four years. You notice that I said "first four years". He will have a second term, and it will begin in January of 2021. [I know this is not a political blog, and I won't be adding to these remarks.] This may not be a political blog, but since very little activity occurs here these days, I don't see any problems posting here. It's just one subject matter on one thread. If fellow fans have an issue with it, so be it. And, one other thing. So we are to believe that VP Biden won the election when he had only a handful of supporters attending his rallies compared to President Trump's rallies? Trump had so many supporters at his rallies that many, many attendees had to be turned away. Things don't add up, and Trump and his administration aren't going to let Vice President Biden and his team get away with it. I believe many people will be going to prison after all is said and done.

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