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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Sharing An Awesome Video


Poster: King_of_Glass
mdh - Nice choice going with Herman's Hermits! Did you know (according to the internet) Peter Noone's actual name is "Peter Blair Denis Bernard Noone"? What a long name, huh? Has to be one of the longest ever, LOL! My favorite song of Herman's Hermits is probably, "There's A Kind Of Hush", which I believe is the flip side to "No Milk Today" or vice versa. I have that 45 in one of the closets as part of the collection of 45s my aunt gave me over 50 years ago. I never really understood what the song title, "No Milk Today", actually meant. According to one person, Alan Oldie (whoever he is), says: "In England, milk was delivered to the door in glass bottles and there was usually a regular order (Two pints please). The empty bottles were rinsed and left on the doorstep for the milkman to pick up with the next delivery. It wasn't unusual to leave a note in the top of a bottle for any variation ('one extra pint, please, we have company' or 'No milk for the next week, we are away'). 'No milk today' was the most common, usually because for some reason the previous day's hadn't been used. Of course this matches in with the general thrust of the song. Only one person is living there now, the other has left, so not so much milk is being used, hence 'No milk today, it seems a common sight But people passing by don't know the reason why'. And in case you're wondering, 'just two up, two down' describes a small English terraced house with two main rooms on the ground floor and two bedrooms above. I was brought up in a 'three up, two down' terraced house. So, the final meaning is that a couple were living together in a small, very working-class house, but their love made it a palace. But now she has left him and he is alone with only his memories." Saw Peter Noone on two different occasions here in my home town. If I remember correctly, he performed approximately 7-8 years between each concert. Both were held outdoors at night. Peter Noone is quite the entertainer with his fun and charming personality! I remember his guitar (or bass) player liked to spin around while performing. Something I noticed during the latter of the two performances was the number of t-shirts Peter Noone tossed out to the audience. Must have been around ten. My two sisters, my dad and I attended the second performance together. The seating was first come, first serve so we had front row seats. Most all the t-shirts Peter Noone tossed out to the audience were just heaved out with no intended recipient. One, however, he pointed directly to one of my sisters and gently tossed it to her. My guess is that he chose her because she is quite attractive, I must say, and surely caught his eye from the stage. The back of the t-shirt had the names of the cities the band was touring and the dates. It was funny seeing my small home town of about 35,000 among the names of large cities we all know well. On the front in red, white and blue was the Union Jack. And lastly, Peter Noone said he often gets mistaken for actor Nick Nolte.

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