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Poster: mdhunter03
Americafan - I don't know if there is any connection with this but Vinyl sales are hot and have been on the rise for years along with turntables. From Statista: VINYL SALES IN THE UNITED STATES The Surprising Comeback of Vinyl Records by Felix Richter, Jul 3, 2020 Continuing one of the more surprising comebacks of the digital age, vinyl album sales in the United States have grown for the 14th consecutive year. In 2019, 18.8 million LPs were sold in the United States, up 14 percent compared to 2018 and more than 20-fold compared to 2006 when the vinyl comeback began. So how big is vinyl's comeback really? Should we all dust off our old record players to prepare for the future of music? According to Nielsenís 2018 music report, LPs accounted for 17 percent of album sales in the United States, which is quite substantial. Factoring in streaming and downloads of single tracks, however, that number drops to 2.4 percent of album equivalent music consumption, which puts things in perspective. However small the impact of rising LP sales on the music industryís bottom line may be, itís still interesting to witness a hundred year-old technology come back from near extinction. Here's to hoping we don't need to dig up our old VHS tapes for the future of video consumption :)

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