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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Sharing An Awesome Video


Poster: King_of_Glass
PETER AND GORDON "A World Without Love" mdh - What famous fictional character from the late 90s does Peter Asher resemble in the above video? The character is portrayed as living in the 60s. From Wiki: "McCartney wrote the song when he was 16. When he moved into the London home of his then-girlfriend Jane Asher in 1963, sharing a room with her brother Peter Asher. Asher asked him if he could use the song after Asher and Gordon Waller had signed a recording contract as Peter and Gordon. McCartney described John Lennon's reaction to the song: 'The funny first line always used to please John. 'Please lock me away ' 'Yes, okay.' End of song.' Lennon said of the song that 'I think that was resurrected from the past. ... I think he had that whole song before the Beatles. ... That has the line 'Please lock me away' that we always used to crack up at.' McCartney did not think the song was good enough for The Beatles. As such, the song was never released by the Beatles, and the only known recording of the song by any member of the Beatles is the original demo of the song performed by McCartney, which is now in the possession of Peter Asher. As of January 2013, Paul McCartney's demo has been leaked on YouTube. It is 30 seconds in length, but offers a rare glimpse into the song's origins. The clip was played at Asher's most recent string of concerts." "A World Without Love" - McCartney's Home Demo

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