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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Sharing An Awesome Video


Poster: King_of_Glass
mdh - I trust you survived the 4th okay and had a nice one. All I had to do this year to observe fireworks was to simply step outside. I have never seen so many in the night sky as last night! I'm just amazed how much money some people send purchasing fireworks. As a kid it was a lot of fun popping Black Cat firecrackers. On a rare occasion one might explode in your hand after lighting it and before being able to toss it. Man, would it hurt! Anyway, back to music. That was a good song sung by Waylon Jennings. I have never purchased any music by him. I remember when I was in college, he performed a concert on campus on one of the weekends. I didn't attend, but there was plenty of talk about WJ starting the show but having to end it soon after it began due to his being too intoxicated to perform! The talk was all over campus. I can't remember positively, but I would assume all attendees were given a refund. Personally, I'm not much of a fan of Waylon although I'm a big fan of country music. I remember he had an album entitled, "Crying and Waylon" which I thought was quite clever as it contained his song, "Crying". Honestly, it would be a WNP for me. A friend of mine named his son "Waylon" after WJ. Plus, they lived in the country and were permitted to name their own street being that they were one of the first to live on that particular street. Actually, I should say it was a road. A dirt road as a matter of fact. He, as you may have guessed, named the road, "Waylon". Concerning "Feelings", give me another day to try to figure it out. :)

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