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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Sharing An Awesome Video


Poster: mdhunter03
KOG - another great story ..... thanks for sharing I find myself analysing songs added or replaced in later releases also. I'd think your right about your theory. The Grassroots song - No, it's not Dan.... the secret is the I believe the xylophone ? that little riff is just enough that it sounds like a very famous British Bands song from the 60's. Great choice picking Three Dog Night - "Out in the Country" is definitely one of my favorites. Not sure how long ago you saw 3DN and America together but in recent years Dewey and Gerry have let the Kids cut loose and I wish they would expand their playlist to keep certain rockin' song on the playlist instead of rotating OUT Green Monkey, The Border, etc. Last year I saw them and they added Greenhouse back in but dumped Green Monkey... While I'm on a roll here I'll add that I really miss not having Billy as the lead guitarist. Steve is a great and talented guy but Bill kept it to the roots ! He played the songs just like Woodzy did and better, cleaner, faster ! I can't even get into the Sandman's end riff anymore cause it's just blended together. You can hardlly hear Dewey's part. "Hollywood" is the same way. I really wish he could pull off the origional way it was performed. I'm sure he can but I believe he just wants to make it his own.

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