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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Sharing An Awesome Video


Poster: King_of_Glass
mdh - I was viewing some YouTube videos on David Gates performing in more recent times. His singing voice is just as sweet sounding as it was back when he was singing Bread's hit songs! Father Time sure does a number on all of us in regards to our appearance. Regarding how to add a YouTube video link to your message here, let me provide the instructions: 1) Go to the video you're viewing on YouTube and copy the link that appears at the top of your browser. Using the "Sweet Surrender" video you posted as an example, it will be the following that you will be copying: 2) After having copied that link, come to this America site and start by composing a message. 3) After you have composed the message, look at the icons on top of the area here where you're typing your message. You see the 13 different icons that appear above? The first one is a square with the letter "B" while the last square has the letters "SP". Find the square with the lightning bolt. It's the third square from the right. 4) Click once on the lightning bolt. 5) Delete the information that appears between the two quotation marks. You will be deleting the following: 6) In its place, paste the link of the YouTube video between the two quotation marks. 7) Next, delete the following: Click Text Here 8) In its place, type in the following words: Sweet Surrender 9) After that, you should be good to hit the "Save" button to post your message. It's hard to give proper instructions via a typed out message as I'm doing. It's so much easier by telephone. Anyway, it may take some experimenting and a number of attempts to get it right. If it doesn't work the first time, just delete and try again and again. That is if I have instructed you correctly. If it still doesn't work, just let me know here and we can do it by phone. Best of luck!

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