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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: Needed: Dan Peek Anthology


Poster: Americafan
With all the cool America collections that have been released, I long for a comprehensive Dan Peek Anthology album, collecting his best from his solo years. I know it will never happen (they wouldn't even release his last two CCM albums which were hits on CCM Radio on CD) but here's my wish list for the collection: 1. All Things Are Possible 2. The Star 3. Ready for Love 4. Divine Lady 5. Love Was Just Another Word 6. Doer of the Word 7. Redeemer 8. Holy Spirit 9. Power and Glory 10. Lonely People (Remake) 11. Electro Voice 12. Sleep Baby Jesus 13. A New Song 14. One Way (Live) 15. Cross Over 16. I Will Not Be Silent 17. My Jesus 18. My American Dream 19. Living Water 20. Revolving Door 21. Heartland 22. On Wings of Eagles 23. Driftin' 24. Guitar Man 25. Refugee-Song 26. All American Boy 27. Velvet Elvis with the Endorphins 28. Kiss Me on the Waves Etcetera featuring Dan Peek 29. Endless Flight (remix) 30. Right Now (remix) 31. Still Love You (remix) 32. Blue Skies, Blue Eyes (remix) I included all his charted songs, it always annoys me whenever they release a "best of" collection and do not include all of an artists charted hits, and some of my favorite album cuts. Did I miss anything?

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