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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: Heaven And Hell...Can You Feel It?


Poster: shasta
Me? I wanna be cremated. My father decided to have my mother cremated, which shocked Aunt Dorothy! But my cousins liked the idea so much, 2 months later when their mother died, they had her cremated also. Aunt Dorothy didn't like that either! She gave her kids strict orders that she was to be buried. Period. Not only do I want to be cremated, but I want my "ashes" scattered on top of Glory Hole #1 Mountain! Nobody but family knows where that is, and my best friend, because she helped me haul my dog's ashes up there. In all honesty, if I die before Jesus returns, I'm not gonna care what others do with my body. It isn't me and it will never be me! It's just the shell I walk around in. People recognize me by the shell, but it isn't who I am. It's not legal to scatter ashes anymore in California. It wasn't when my mother died in 1984. But the mortician explained it's because people have been careless, dumping the whole BOX of ashes out of airplanes, landing on people's heads down below, or not removing the metal ID tag before scattering the ashes and people have been hit by the ID tag and then used it to go after the family. So I've got the ID tags here and I hand-scattered my parents' and my dog's ashes. But being single does present us with some innersting situations, doesn't it? I'm tempted when asked who I want contacted in case of emergency to either leave it blank or say, "God!" Freak 'em out. I've read that many people in our generation are moving into homes together - just so they can take care of each other! I don't mean shacking up together either. I mean several people moving into a place, to share rent, responsibilities and care for each other. The "wave" of the future! We have a serious problem here with our very nice cemetery: sunken graves! A good part of the town is built on a swamp and things sink, including graves in the cemetery. Sometimes they have to exhume a person and move him elsewhere. Sometimes they stack 'em up, especially with spouses or family members. Cremation and prudently scattering the ashes is the solution. No person is going to dig up my parents and dog. My father chose cremation, by the way, and he chose Glory Hole #1 Mountain as his final resting place because he didn't want "some hippie peeing on his ashes up on Mt. Shasta." Leave it to my father to think of such a thing!

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