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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: Heaven And Hell...Can You Feel It?


Poster: shasta
Now THIS is utterly fascinating! Before I could stop the thing, I zipped right on to another video, which leads me to believe that there's a worldwide effort going on to render caskets "eco-friendly!" The BIG problem that I see is centuries of doing things...well, the way we've done things. People moved into a new region and huddled together, mostly for protection from wild animals and oftentimes from marauding tribes. I understand that. But the problem is that NOW we've got these colossal cities, filled with buildings piled on top of each other, which just happen to be filled with people. Worse, people built their churches, with the congregational cemetery attached, in the center of their towns, oftentimes on a hill. Now I understand the symbolism; make God the center of your life. That's a good thing. I've never experienced this, but was told in Europe that there is a problem with decomposing caskets and bodies (placed in over-crowded cemeteries) getting into the water supply, and also if the wind is right, you can smell the smells! So, on 21st century Earth, we've got all these over-crowded cemeteries filled with decomposing caskets and corpses, that are too close to people's homes and we're running out of room to put more! Without leveling our cities and decreasing the population density to where we can spread out our burial grounds, I don't know how we can suddenly switch to eco-friendly caskets, that will just increase decay and therefore, increase the smell! I think we're STUCK! Cremation helps reduce the amount of "waste" if I dare use such a word to refer to Grandma, Dad or Sweetie. Some people can't handle that, thinking they have to have BONES in order for their bodies to be resurrected! If God is God, nothing is to difficult for Him! Some families can't handle cremating Grandma, Dad or Sweetie, finding it difficult to let go. I understand that. Losing a loved one is very hard. Unless we designated unused lands, such as deserts or maybe the moon, as burial grounds, I don't see a solution. And people like to go to the cemetery where their loved ones are buried to place fresh flowers, remember the person, showing respect. If we send all our dead to the moon, that eliminates the option! Well, one day the WHOLE thing will be properly dealt with. No more death. No more graves!!!

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