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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: Heaven And Hell...Can You Feel It?


Poster: shasta
Yes, KoG, and yet Mr. Moses acquired a body for the event of the Transfiguration, so that he was seen and heard by Peter, James and John. Hmmm. Interesting that you mentioned Gerry's lyrics from SGH. This evening I watched another Revival baptism service. The overwhelming testimony of those baptized was that they were RAISED in church, but they "bowed our heads and wondered why." Man, what on earth is WRONG with the church? That is absolutely heart-breaking, that someone could be RAISED in church and never have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, never understand His unconditional love, never have the reality of His forgiveness in operation in their lives, and never have the assurance of His constant presence! I mean, these people who had been RAISED in church, got hot and heavy into drugs, including heroin. One young mother was HIV positive! But she started attending revival meetings, God touched her, she went to her doctor and had tests done and NO HIV!! Absolutely not a trace of it! She, her young son and her mother were all baptized the same night! Now something like that makes you sit up and pay REAL close attention, eh? Tomorrow's another day.

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