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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: Thurs 5 Dec 2019 Palais Theatre St Kilda

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Posts: 175

Thurs 5 Dec 2019 Palais Theatre St Kilda
Posted on: 12/05/2019 08:51 AM

We were surprised when we purchased and printed our tickets for this show, months ago, that the show was described as ď AMERICA 45TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR WITH SPECIAL GUEST SHARON CORRĒ. That happened in 2015. It appears something went awry but was apparently corrected on later tickets.

The Palais Theatre has a capacity of 2,896 and it appeared that it was close to that capacity.

The band was quite a way back from the edge of the stage and everyone seemed relaxed and enjoying the evening.We were on Richís side and it was a treat to see him step forward for his solo in Here.

This was another tight performance from everyone and the audience was really responsive and they were doing a lot of singing. All ď the kidsĒ did a great job again. Ryland does a fabulous job singing on Donít Cross the River as well as his energetic drumming. Steve is a dynamo and has been a great addition to the band. Eric popped up in many locations filming as well as saving the day with a drum riser malfunction.

It was good to meet up again with another long term fan who was sitting in our row. She enjoyed it as much as we did.

The support act, Mitch King, was very good and joined the whole band for Horse.

The night flew by. Sandman seems to arrive faster each night.

We loved the music, the videos, the big smiles and the extras that made this another memorable night. Grazie mille!
Edited by Margaret on 12/05/2019 09:34 AM
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Posts: 78
From: Melbourne, Australia

Re: Thurs 5 Dec 2019 Palais Theatre St Kilda
Posted on: 12/05/2019 06:21 PM

Hi Margaret
It was great to catch up with you and your husband again last night - and it was great to both have such great front row seats.

I pride myself at not having missed America in Melbourne ( well Wagga Wagga was the furthest I travelled) since 1976 but I canít compete with your stamina, not only attending most concerts around Australia in the last years but reviewing them with such vigour!!

Yes you had a great view of Richís solo but you didnít mention you also got presented with his guitar pick personally - although I was lucky enough to get Rylandís drum stick so we both did well!!

I thought they sounded even better than they did last time around and agree Steve is a great addition. Survival was a stand out for me, itís a great live song. The banter was great and their humility always comes across.

Enjoy the rest of their concerts and hopefully with such an Australian connection they will be back soon.

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