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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: True Story

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OT: True Story
Posted on: 07/08/2018 03:07 AM

Here is a TRUE STORY:

During the last week of June, someone who I do business with in my home town on the average of about two to three times per week said to me, "Did you hear about Uncle Joe?" The uncle of his who first came to my mind was his Uncle Don. When I asked what happened, he replied, "He passed away." Only then did I realize exactly which of his uncles he was referring to. It was his uncle Joe Jackson even though at first I thought he meant his other uncle who lives in town and even though I heard him say, "Uncle Joe."

I asked Hank (not his real name --- changed here for the sake of privacy) if he would be attending his uncle's funeral. Hank replied, "Of course!" I asked, "When will you be leaving?" "In a couple of days," he replied back. I then said, "I'm very sorry to hear of his passing. I knew he had been ill based on what I had heard on television."

A few days later, I stopped by his workplace to do some further business. I was informed by one of his workers that Hank and Hank's wife and son had departed for California to attend his uncle's funeral. Told that he wouldn't be back until next week, I waited for his return.

On about the 3rd of this month, I returned to Hank's place of business hoping he and his family had returned to Hobbs after attending his Uncle Joe's funeral. But, no luck as they were still out of town.

So, on Thursday the 5th, I returned; I saw Hank's vehicle in the parking lot and knew he was back from California. When Hank stepped out to talk, I asked him how the service went. He said everything went well. I replied, "I'm glad to hear that." He did, however, say that one of his cousins had recorded the private service and offered it to a news organization which had the family extremely upset to put it mildly.

After transacting business which was the reason I went there in the first place, Hank pulled out his smartphone from the back pocket of his jeans to show me some photos that he had taken at the funeral.

The cemetery looked like it was a very beautiful one! I had seen a number of pictures of that particular cemetery from the past while browsing gravesites on the internet as strange as that might sound.

I must say again that the funeral Hank attended with his wife and son was a private service. I could recognize a number of the attendees although I had never met any of them. I even spotted a gentlemen in the video as he was walking with the aid of a lady guiding his way. The gentlemen was obviously sightless being that he was wearing sunglasses and was walking very carefully with the assistance of the lady somewhat in front of him yet somewhat to his side.

It was totally incredible to see Hank and his wife and son with those in the photos being that I was seeing Hank with his family members who I clearly recognized even though I have never met any of them. It was SO ODD, to say the least, seeing the three of them in that setting because it seemed so very surreal for me! After all, he's the guy who I do business with a couple of times per week in my home town, and to see him there in the photos and video, it was tripping out my mind! Totally!!!

There in the photos was Uncle Joe's casket as it set above his grave. In the photos to the left of the casket was the gathering of Uncle Joe's family which are Hank's many cousins and other family members. Seeing was believing, but I honestly, had very little doubt that Hank's cousins are who he said they are even though I had never previously seen proof. I have probably known Hank for about the past five years or so. He is a very serious, no-nonsense person and has never given me any reason to doubt him. In my past dealings with Hank, he has always been straightforward with me.

Today when I was at Hank's business, I asked him what it was like to have such family members that he has. He said one particular cousin of his that is no longer with us was, "a truly awesome person" and was very different than he was believed to be by the public.

Hank went into his office and came back with a thick photo album. He proudly flipped through the many pages filled with numerous photos of his cousins and his Uncle Joe with Hank's Aunt Katherine. And, there in many of the photos was Hank along side his numerous cousins and other family members along with his Uncle Joe and Aunt Katherine. The photo album was filled with photos taken at various family gatherings which clearly appeared to be very private gatherings in very beautiful settings.

Before Hank's phone rang, he told me next time he would show me private photos of his cousin's funeral service. I told him that I look forward to that. I also told Hank how very much I appreciated him showing me his family's private photos. It really means a lot to me. Right before the incoming phone call to his cell phone, I told Hank that I truly admire how he never volunteered to tell me about who his family is but only did so after I had asked him if it was true about a rumor that I had heard about him.

Lastly, Hank mentioned to me how odd it was that Uncle Joe had nearly died on the same day as Hank's cousin (Uncle Joe's son). I think he said it was a day apart. I told Hank that it was actually two days apart (but separated by years). I pulled out my driver's license and showed Hank my date of birth which is June 25, and I remember his cousin's passing because if fell on my birthday.

Here Is The Sightless Man Who Was Present At Hank's Uncle's Funeral

Here's To Hank's Departed Cousin MJ and His Uncle Joe...Uncle Joe Jackson
Edited by King_of_Glass on 07/08/2018 03:13 AM
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