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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: Attending shows

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Posts: 38

Attending shows
Posted on: 11/14/2017 04:15 PM

Since the early 70's I've attended 53 Shows. I was fortunate enough to even get invited backstage to meet G an D. There was several reasons why I lost interest in going. I felt the shows became stale. Same set list even the same banter in between songs.I understand that they are expected to play the hits. However I see them same 50-100 people at every show I've gone to. For us die hard fans I wish they would play some deeper cuts. I for one wouldn't mind paying more for a ticket so that they could extend the shows. I've watched some you tube videos with the new members and the shows seem to have more energy an life to them. They even played some deeper cuts , maybe 2. While I enjoy G&D, I always hoped for a reunion show with Dan. I'm well aware of the history. I was very lucky to have exchanged several e-mails with Dan before his passing. My last show was shortly after Dan passed. I was VERY disappointed that they never acknowledged him or mentioned him when they played Don't cross the River and Lonely people. I'm a very loyal fan and these are just my feelings
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Posts: 140
From: Grass Valley,California USA

Re: Attending shows
Posted on: 11/14/2017 04:43 PM

My mother and I have only been to 6 America concerts since May 2014,but at them,Gerry has,in one way or another,mentioned Dan before Lonely People,and I think Dan's mentioned after Don't Cross The River,too.
I think it's impressive that you've been to 53 America concerts since the early 1970's,some obviously when America were Dewey,Gerry,and Dan,and that you were invited backstage to meet Gerry and Dewey. I have not been lucky enough to have been backstage nor have met them any other way.
I liked your post here,craig47. Very well written!
I'm glad I discovered America! :-)
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Posts: 101

Re: Attending shows
Posted on: 11/15/2017 05:36 PM

don't agree with the shows being stale. they put on a great show! Been fortunate to have attended 60 or so but I may have lost exact count. Saw them in Hollywood,Fl in feb with one dog night where we got an abreviated show, same reason I didn't go to the Waukegan,Il show last month when they played with Al Stewart. We will be going sat at the Arcada where they are the only advertised band and we should get a full set list. would love to hear another try and baby it's up to you. we would absolutely pay more to get a longer show exploring beyond the usual set list. oh well looks like monster and greenhouse it is for now!
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