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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Sharing An Awesome Video


Poster: King_of_Glass
mdh - I had previously heard the song "Dixie Chicken" but never knew who sang it. Now that I know, I must say I don't know much about Little Feat other than hearing their name. Interesting to me is one of the artists mentioned in the video is Jesse Winchester. He moved to Canada to avoid the draft, I learned from reading, today. He also wrote a song sung by my next featured artist that charted on Billboard's Hot Country Songs reaching #3. Remember, when I featured Tish Hinojosa, I said she was the opening act for another artist who I planned to feature in the very near future? Little did I think at the time that the "near future" would be now because of seeing Jesse Winchester in Little Feat's video. Singing a song written by Jesse Winchester is my next artist who I saw on the same bill as Tish many years ago and best known for his hit song, "Wildfire". I have seen him more than I've seen America in concert. The last time I saw him, he did a meet and greet after the show. I intentionally got in line last so I could have him autograph about 6 or 7 of his album covers. I mentioned to him what B.J, Thomas had told me while autographing his album covers for me was he hopes he doesn't see them on eBay. When I mentioned that to MMM, he said in an extremely kind manner that he's not in the least bit concerned about that. As the last person in the meet & greet line, he gave me one of his large posters at no charge and autographed it as well. The cost of the poster was listed for $20. Nice, nice guy! MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY "I'm Gonna Miss You Girl and "Long Line Of Love" with Tish Hinojosa Singing Background Vocals

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