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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: 40 years ago


Poster: mdhunter03
Wow - 40 years, I wonder what the guys think of this one ? It could have been the turning point on the 2nd journey. Survival was not selected as a single ? Wonder who made that decision. Remenmber, there was was a an Our Side and Their Side ... Alibi was was one of my favorites also. My Opinion is IF "Survival was released in the would have been the lead in to "You Can Do Magic" "Our Side (Side One) 1. "Survival" Gerry Beckley 3:16 2. "Might Be Your Love" Dewey Bunnell 3:46 3. "Catch that Train" Beckley, Bunnell 3:03 4. "You Could've Been the One" John Batdorf, Sue Sheridan 5. "I Don't Believe in Miracles" Russ Ballard 3:23 Their Side (Side Two) 1. "I Do Believe in You" 2. "Hangover" Bunnell 3:41 3. "Right Back to Me" Beckley 3:30 4. "Coastline" Beckley 3:26 5. "Valentine" Bunnell 3:35 6. "One in a Million" Beckley 2:52 I liked "You Could Have Been the One" - Americanfan I don't know what happed here... was it not enough air play ? why - I don't know what happened here. So many good songs that actually matched the new up and coming music of the 80's . Americafan, again I agree I was not a fan of "Hangover" but "Might Be Your Love", "Don't Believe in Miracles" Fit right in their wheel house.

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