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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Sharing An Awesome Video


Poster: King_of_Glass
MICHAEL JACKSON I'm choosing Michael Jackson tonight because today (June 25th) is the 11th anniversary of his passing. Few remember today is also Farrah Fawcett's 11th year of her passing. Michael's death greatly overshadowed Farrah's. A brief story that I mentioned here before is my knowing Michael's cousin who lives in my home town. His cousin has a business here that I visit at least once a week. I asked Hawk (nickname because his last name is Hawkins) if what I had heard is true about him being related to MJ. He said it's so. Honestly, I had much doubt about it even after he confirmed it. Two years ago when MJ's father passed (June 27), Hawk asked me if I had heard about "Uncle Joe". I know Hawk's uncle who lives here. I thought at first he was referring to his Uncle Bob because I mainly heard "uncle". I said, "No, what happened?" He replied that he passed away. I then realized Hawk meant MJ's father as I knew he was quite ill from news reports. I asked if he would be attending the funeral. He said he and his wife and their toddler would be driving out to California. That week when I stopped by Hawk's business, I asked his workers if he was in. They told me he left for California. I asked, "To attend a funeral?" They replied, "Yes". I thought to myself, "Wow, so it is true that Hawk is actually related to the Jacksons." When Hawk returned home, I asked him how the service went. He said everything went well. He told me his father was the minister at the funeral. Hawk then showed me a clip of the service, and I was blown away to see him and his family among members of MJ's siblings! It seemed totally surreal to me being that Hawk is someone I know yet he was related to one of the most famous singers in the world. He also showed me a short video of the car a particular singer owned who attended the private service. I saw the singer walking with someone who was leading him to his car. I easily recognized it as Stevie Wonder. Hawk said Latoya's daughter (nicknamed "Little Latoya") was in very hot water with the family because she leaked a video to TMZ of the private service. I assumed she did it for the money. A week or two later Hawk showed me a very thick photo album that he said he rarely shows anyone so I felt honored he allowed me to thumb through the album. There were numerous photos of the Jackson family in personal and private gatherings. Again, there was Hawk with the Jackson clan. A particular photo stood out to me. It was MJ sitting by himself in a living room chair taken with a Polaroid camera. I told Hawk the anniversary of MJ's passing is very easy for me to remember. I pulled out my driver's license to show him my date of birth. It matches the day of MJ's passing. Hawk was surprised. "Off The Wall"

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