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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: Sharing An Awesome Video


Poster: King_of_Glass
TANYA TUCKER She finally won a Grammy just this year after being in the music industry for many years. She doesn't have the best vocal quality, but she sure makes up for it with her fun personality in my opinion. She was actually born only 30 miles east of my home town which is Seminole, Texas. It has a population of only about 6,300 people. Interestingly, another country music celeb was born there as well, and he is Larry Gatlin. One would think the community of Seminole would proudly have a sign "advertising" that both country music superstars were born there by stating something like: "Welcome to Seminole, Texas...the birthplace of country stars Tanya Tucker and Larry Gatlin." However, they don't. Tanya Tucker's grandmother (now deceased) lived in a community 40 miles from here in a Texas town called Denver City. Tanya would occasionally come to visit her grandmother. One resident there told me she saw Tanya in Denver City one time with Glen Campbell back when the two were a couple. The local newspaper of my town, once had an article about Tanya coming here to visit her cousins by popping into their elementary school unexpectedly, thrilling her cousins' classmates. Interestingly, the school where her cousins attended was located in the lower income part of the city. Tanya's wealth was quite a contrast when compared to that of her cousins' family. I have a couple of greatest hits CDs of Tanya purchased for only a buck from local thrift stores. Otherwise, I would not have them if I had to pay full retail price, LOL. As you may know, Tanya Tucker won two Grammys just this year for "Best Country Song" and "Best Country Album" which goes to show that it's still possible after being in the music industry for many years and having been nominated but falling short numerous times. The song that won her a Grammy: "Bring My Flowers Now"

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