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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: The Book


Poster: mdhunter03
mdh - Anything of major interest in the book? Another fan told me there are "no good road stories". "Yes, we learn some new stuff again but there is NO personal stuff...." And, "Learning some facts is great but we want the good stuff with it. I will see how it ends." K of G I completed reading the book and Jude did an excellent job capturing all the details that many America fans know and love. The timeline is well done capturing each member's youth upbringing etc. As the book progresses Jude points out each album and dissects individual songs. She doesn't say how or why she picked these particular songs but she broke them down. I remember remarking in my initial post how it would be interesting to see which songs she selected to see how they matched up to other fans including myself. For me it was 70/30 Now I plan to go back and re-read the book and take notes because I'm not sure if the songs she picked were her favorites or not. To answer your real question... Road stories, personal stuff, i'm gonna say a lot fans that visit this site or the the Official website have pretty much heard and read most of the material in the book. There are a few names that pop up that I hadn't heard about before but they were just guys that lended a hand during album production etc. I believe many were hoping to get more info on the Dan Peek story. The guys were very respectful and appreciative of Dans contributions. The one thing that I was hoping they would elaborate on and surprisingly did was to talk about Dan's interpretation of certain songs that D&G had written. Jude covers that with the Guys and they discuss their thoughts on those songs. I'm sure many know which one's Dan had referred. Fill in the blanks 1. 2. 3. So, there's a skimming..... Jude mentioned early on that the dropped editing material that didn't make it to this book was enough for at least another can only hope. It's a great read for New and old America fans. Certainly worth the 25.00 plus shipping. I'm hoping this pandemic is under control soon so my wife and I can attend the rescheduled concerts from June now pushed to Jan.2021 Hopefully I can get this Book signed :)

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