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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: OT: A Bit of a Riddle


Poster: King_of_Glass
Dave - Like you, I have Fogelberg's "Nether Lands." I played it just the other day. In fact I have all of his first eight or nine albums excluding one called "Interchords" which I'm not familiar with at all. I sort of lost interest in his music after that but picked up a few of his others on cassette or CD when I'd find them at garage sales or thrift stores. But, "Nether Lands" was one of my favorite albums of his. Regarding your mention of a set of Caucasian and African American children being twins, I am also familiar with such a case. In the case that I read about 20 years ago or more, a Caucasian lady gave birth to a set of twins as mentioned. I remember reading that she lived near a military base and had relations with two different military men of different races. I was discussing this matter with a coworker from another department during lunch this past week. I was very surprised to learn that she had twins. Not just one set but two! The first were boys followed by a set of twin girls. She said her husband has a twin sister. So incredible about how twins continue in some families. A classmate of mine didn't have children until she was in her 30s. She was pregnant only once but that was enough for her, she said, because she gave birth to triplets. I couldn't tell them apart as boys, but they looked different enough that I could tell them apart as young adults.

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