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Forums :: America Fan Blog :: A Guy Meets DanP


Poster: King_of_Glass
Here's an interesting short story about a fan meeting Dan Peek that I found as a comment from a YouTube video: David King: "Dan was a great guy and had a GREAT sense of humor. I met him in a unique fashion when he played a 'lunch' set at UM-St. Louis back in the late 80's/early 90's. I remember they announced he was on his way but was going to be a bit late so I decided to head to the restroom. I was standing at one of two urinals when I heard the door bust open and a guy run in and say "gotta piss, gotta piss..." He runs up to the urinal, starts to do his business, lets out a big sigh and says "oh man, that was a heck of a long ride." I look over (I know, against the rules) and who is standing there? Dan Peek! Like an idiot I said "Hey! You're Dan Peek!" and he says "Yup! Nice to meet you! I'd shake your hand but, know"...Standing at the sink after washing our hands we talked for a few minutes, and I asked "the question": 'you think the three of you will ever play together again?' He laughed and said "maybe when Gerry stops hating my guts and Dewey wakes up; that's not likely to happen...ever..." He then took the time to sign my "America Complete" songbook and went on to play a great show. A great memory for me..."

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