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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: Re: The Start of the One World Religion?


Poster: shasta
KoG, thank you for your Christmas greetings! The same to you! I've been aware for a long time that Jesus was probably NOT born in December. I've also been aware for a long time that our Christmas traditions have been adopted from pagan practices. I've also been aware for a long time that establishing the date in December was an attempt on the part of the Catholic Church to draw pagans into Christianity. Was Jesus born? Was He a real person? That's more important to me than when. Thus far, I haven't struggled with the timing. In fact, I think we should celebrate the birth of Jesus every single day of our lives! As far as pagan practices, they are nothing more than corruptions of Truth. In Genesis, which came first; the Creator or the creation? And what is God? He is Spirit. So first came Spirit and then came the physical manifestation. So trees, mistletoe, all have their origin in the creation, made by the Creator. Pagans simply came along and took parts of the creation and used them, twisted them, for their own desires. It's the responsibility of Christians to restore proper meaning to the creation! So, if I want to have a Christmas tree, bringing a symbol of "life," into my house during a dark, lifeless time of year, then I'm going to have a Christmas tree. I am not a druid. But that tree is a daily reminder that we have new life in Jesus, no matter our station in life or the dark circumstances in which we find ourselves. At the same time, if God tells me to stop celebrating the birth of His Son in December, or to stop bringing in a Christmas tree, then I have the responsibility to obey. People who feel they cannot practice those traditions are free to follow their consciences. Is it wrong to draw people into Christianity? No. I'm not sure that Bible smuggling during the days of communism was any better or a more righteous method for "drawing people" into Christianity than turning a pagan festival into a Christian one. I've smuggled Bibles and other Christian literature. I felt it was what I should do, and given the right opportunity, I'd do it again! We as Christians have the responsibility to take what is corrupt and restore it to its original significance. One day we will ALL know what God thinks of our attempts.

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