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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: What is Dan singing?


Poster: shasta
Most interesting interview with Alice Cooper, KoG! He did a marvelous job bringing out the simplicity of faith in Jesus/life in Jesus. He made some good points, like those who are in the world are victims of what the world inherently is: alcoholism, pornography, drugs, immorality, etc. He made a good point that non-Christians have self as their god. You're gonna serve somebody. The ridiculous thing about serving self is that the devil has more power than the unsaved person has! You can't serve self. You will serve him and he will just sit back, arms arrogantly folded and watch you SELF-destruct! Cooper made a good point that Christians like all kinds of music, including rock. The style of music isn't the problem. The lyrics and spirit behind the song can be a problem! Where he got "weak" in his testimony was near the end when he talked about Christians not being perfect, and making mistakes/sins. An outsider could easily take that to mean that we can go ahead and live the Romans 6 mentality because we have forgiveness. Well, as it says, we are DEAD to sin, but ALIVE to God. We now have a choice. We are no longer "victims," as he said. And we are admonished to make the right choices. Not only are we admonished, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are now ABLE to make the right choices. I can testify that the more you exercise right choices, the easier it gets and the more the devil leaves you alone! He's not stupid. He's not gonna waste his time and efforts on someone who won't listen to his vile suggestions! Dan would agree with this song. Perhaps he's singing it today? Enemy's Camp/Look What the Lord Has Done The theme is clear; the devil has stolen things from humanity. In Jesus we have the power and authority to TAKE THEM BACK! And then look at all the things God does for us when we come into relationship with Him! And let me tell you, those people singing that song are not demurely sitting in their pews, hands folded neatly in their laps! If God has delivered you from drugs, sexual impurity, running the rat race, multiple broken relationships, you've got something to CELEBRATE! Of course, if you don't have that relationship with God, you don't know.

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