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Poster: shasta
And a Good Afternoon to You, KoG! Wow! You really partied heartied! Our staff party was last night, amidst pouring down rain. Was real tempted to stay home. I went to see who fraternizes with whom and was amused to see that I was watched as much as I was watching! Learned some interesting tidbits. The food was good and a great variety. We had a white elephant gift exchange, which is a kick. I had #1 and opened a remote control tank set - just what I needed, right? Well, the principal stole that from me right away. It got stolen from him and then he stole it back. Nobody dared take away from him a second time! I got to open 4 different gifts and the last one I traded for something one of the teachers opened that was more useful than what I had! Despite being an introvert, I circulated well during the 2 hours I was there. Those people don't really know how to have fun! The noise level was horrendous, but no laughter at all until the white elephant gift exchange, and I was the main one laughing! It was very poorly attended, which is interesting. The house it was held in was very big, open floor plan, very nice. This morning was hockey. I was busy helping kids put on jerseys, and pleased to see 3 girls playing. I've just kinda fiddled around this afternoon. Went to the store. Ate some lunch. Cleaned up the kitchen. Hauled the studs and snow shovels out of the basement and put the hoses down in the basement. Leftovers for dinner tonight - yay! Gotta go pick tomatoes in the garage. I'm afraid tonight they will freeze. Maybe I'll be lazy and cover 'em with a blanket!!!

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