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Poster: shasta
O.K. KoG. I'm back from my impromptu appointment. The advantage of living in a small town; you can usually SQUEEZE in! As I was saying, before I had to drop everything and run, The response I read and then referred you to made me realize a weakness in my belief system. And I don't even know if I can verbalize that weakness. But I compartmentalized my belief in the "Three in One" rather than realizing that an unbelief in one part of the Trinity really equates an unbelief in the whole! Does that make any sense? Put a little differently; I didn't comprehend that unbelief in Jesus' miracles was not just an affront to the Holy Spirit, by which all miracles arrive, but really was an affront to Jesus and ultimately the Father, even though that Person of the Trinity wasn't specifically mentioned. This discovery makes me VERY nervous about those people who refuse to believe that miracles occur today. There are accusations flying around that all miracles are fakes, brought about by the devil. And we know that in the last days, the devil will indeed deceive people by working miracles. But that just points out the absolutely necessity of KNOWING Jesus and also of knowing by whom an individual is working miracles! It all comes back to relationship, which enables discernment, doesn't it? An intellectual knowing falls short. So, I stand corrected!!!

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