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Poster: shasta
Good Morning KoG! My everything is better! Last night I spent time sitting with my microwaved "bean bag" on my shoulders and that took care of the stiffness from my weather thingy adventure. Question: Do I try again today to mount the thing, or not? Will have to find a new location, and I've got one. But I'd have to drill through fiber cement siding and I don't think I wanna try. Sure can't do it by hand. Now, I do have an idea! There's already a big nail hanging up in the vicinity of where I want to put the thing. I can get some blasting wire (very handy stuff, and without the blasting caps, I can assure you) and wire the holder on, then just slide in the sensor! Aha! In heaven? I'm not sure about animals in heaven. Haven't made up my mind about that, because I can't find Scriptural support either way. However, there will be "new heavens and a new earth" created and I fully expect to see all kinds of aminals (deliberate) floating around! Remember too in Isaiah where it talks about the lion laying down with the lamb and a little child playing in front of the adder's den? I always used to say I was going to be keeper of the dogs when I got to heaven, because I just love dogs. Then I decided all the aborted babies needed somebody to take care of them! Perhaps I'll do both! And I only want the BIG dogs, not little yappers.

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