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Poster: King_of_Glass
[quote="shasta"]So, it takes 2 things to go in: an invitation and sufficient personal preparation. It was in the area of personal preparation that the 5 foolish virgins fell short. You called it "going through the motions." I agree, to an extent. [/quote] Good Morning S - I hope you had a good night's sleep! I'm curious to know what it is above that you agree "to an extent" or has it been resolved with my clarification posted last night? Concerning your mention of "sufficient personal preparation" being one of two things required "to go," I would respectfully disagree. I believe the only "preparation" is the receiving of the Good News which is that Jesus has died for us, and all we each need to do is believe it in our hearts and that He has suffered our punishment for us as sinners. It requires that we do nothing but to believe. I think one of the two thieves who was cruxified next to Jesus is a good example of not needing any sufficient personal preparation. All that was required of him was to believe in who Jesus said He is. That one thief did as he hung on the cross. The other thief on the other side of Jesus mocked Him saying if He is indeed the Son of God as Jesus claimed then He should remove them and Himself from their cross(es). Jesus said to the repentant thief that he would be with Him in Paradise that very day. So again, no personal preparation is needed or required. It's all what Jesus has done for us. All we each have to do is believe it and accept it as a gift.

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