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Poster: shasta
You know KoG, I'm task-oriented, not relationship-oriented. But an intellectual "knowing" won't cut it. It has to be personal, intimate - something from the heart. Jesus has to be more than a personal valet. Earning salvation is something else again. Until I can make man out of dirt and make my own dirt out of nothing, there's no way I can earn salvation. An honest look at myself and all my failings ought to convince me that I cannot make it on my own merit. I have no merit. And yet, God desires to have a personal relationship with me, the one with no merit. He doesn't need me. He WANTS me. Now that's an impressive difference! Those who are going through the motions do indeed believe that their personal performance will count for something = salvation. They've also lost their first love, like the church in Ephesus. Despite the fact that I'm task-oriented, I can't think of anything worse than just going through the motions, hoping just maybe God might be real, etc. I have to KNOW! Fortunately, I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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