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Poster: shasta
DISCLAIMER: This is only my feeble, superficial attempt to understand the parable of the Ten Virgins. This ain't no in-depth, scholarly treatise, o.k. KoG? I find it interesting that Jesus once again introduces the parable by saying this is what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. People are called to come in. Some make it and some don't. Virgins, of course, are a symbol of purity. I find it interesting that the virgins were going to meet the Bridegroom, when culturally-speaking, they were the bride's attendants. They ALL took their oil lamps, to guide their way. But 5 took extra oil, just in case they might need it, and 5 did not plan ahead. The Bridegroom "lingered" and they ALL got tired waiting and they ALL fell asleep. The problem is not in falling asleep. It's in not having the "forethought" to bring extra oil. At the appointed time, there was a shout, announcing the arrival of the Bridegroom and ALL the virgins woke up and they ALL began to "put their lamps in order," to prepare for the journey. The foolish virgins, who hadn't thought ahead, saw that their lamps were going out and asked the 5 wise virgins for more oil. The answer is chilling: "There will not be enough for US and you; go instead to the dealers and buy for yourselves." While they were gone, buying more oil, the Bridegroom came and the 5 wise virgins went in with Him to the marriage feast and the door was shut. Boom. After getting the necessary oil, the 5 foolish virgins came (they made it through the journey) and banging on the door, asked for admittance. The Bridegroom answers with the most important statement of all, "I NEVER KNEW YOU." This is followed by the admonition to watch, because we do not know the "day or the hour when the Son of Man will come." How many times do we ask someone, "Do you know Jesus?" According to this, we need to be asking, "Does Jesus know YOU?" That's the final qualifier. All 10 virgins were invited and specially chosen, or called. Five took the invitation and calling seriously. They realized that their thoughts were not necessarily going to match up with God's. So they prepared to have enough oil with them, just in case their ideas of timing weren't aligned with reality/truth. Oil is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. But, in toodling around through the Scriptures, I find three distinct categories; oil for dedicating to a purpose, oil for healing and oil producing light to guide the way. Without the Holy Spirit's guidance, we will get lost. Your turn, KoG!

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