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Poster: King_of_Glass
S - I agree with all that you said. I need to clarify my comment about the majority of Christians being caught by surprise in regards to the Rap. By that I mean I believe a majority of believers do not think we are as near as I believe we are to the "catching up" / "catching away." I have talked to a lot of believers in the last several months. From my discussions with them, it is my opinion from these talks that many believe we are indeed in end times but not within a year or two. As you know, I think we have less than 12 months. That's why I have been so vocal about God/Jesus/Salvation. If I thought we had 5 years, I wouldn't be a fraction as vocal. After all, ETERNITY is at stake. I am talking about FOREVER with no end and no hope if one is lost. It will be too late.

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