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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: Dan's Ministry Writings


Poster: King_of_Glass
Hello S - In this modern age of computers and Google, you can easily explore to see what the difference is between "x-ray" and "X ray" / "x ray". So, you should not have lost any sleep. Anyway, the former is a verb and the latter are the photons. Make sense? Concerning the topic of "Dan's Ministry Writings," I'm glad you narrowed it down to a particular subject as I didn't know what specifically you had in mind. My thoughts about the person who is to be the future Antichrist is that he is alive today and is probably someone we know of because of his role in the world currently. I don't believe he knows his future role, however. From my studies, the person who will be the future "Man of Sin" will suffer a fatal head wound. I believe the Bible refers to this person as the "Lawless One" and the "Son of Perdition." After the AC (Antichrist) suffers his fatal head wound, Satan will enter into his body and will possess him. He will be brought back to life. This person as the AC will have a helper. It is my understanding that this person will be a religion figure and will unite the world under a "One World religion." As with what DanP believed, I think these two men (the Antichrist and the religion leader) will assume their roles after the rapture of the believers in Christ. Is this anything close to what you believe?

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