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Poster: shasta
Good Morning KoG. Did not have a good night and I'm blaming it on you! I worried the whole time about the difference between x-ray and X-ray, which you failed to inform me of! Furthermore, and in conclusion, you didn't bring this back to the topic: Dan's Ministry Writings. I shall endeavor to do that my own self. Woke up pondering his statement that every generation has had its candidate for the anti-Christ: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Haman, some more he mentioned whose names escape me, and some he didn't mention, like Xerxes, (there's that x thing again), the caesars, Artaxerxes, etc. He asked the question, "Who is it for this current generation?" One thing I don't remember him clarifying was the difference between the anti-Christ and his political puppet.

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