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Poster: shasta
KoG, how old is your "old" dictionary? The older the better, you know. Less tripe and more literature! Interesting about the word "convertible/convertable" as they spelled it both ways in the article! Fickle journalists. I forgot all about the verbal meaning for "canvas." Good for you, refreshing my aging gray matter. However, my dictionary distinguishes between the noun spelling "canvas," and the verb spelling, "canvaSS." Because of my poor training in English (until I studied languages) I didn't realize words can be used with essentially the same spellings, but for different parts of speech. And I don't think I discovered that during my 7 years of Spanish. It took studying French intensively before a prof smacked me upside the head with that idea. Even studying German, it wasn't pointed out - that I recall - and I was very interested in German. So I was really paying attention! I've seen "mechanics" spelled with an "x" at the end, but it was a title, as in your case, or a comic book or something. Did you know, KoG, that the letter "x" can represent 3 different sounds in English??? (1) It represents the same sound as the letter "z" as in xylophone. (2) It represents the combination sounds of "ks" as in mix. (3) It represents the combination sounds of "gz" as in exact! Now isn't that a kick? Right.

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