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Poster: shasta
Actually, KoG........ Oh this is fun. Perhaps I'll get out of a grumpy mood, if you will allow me some teasing??? The preferred spelling is "judgment," even in my old 1937 Webster's dictionary. I thought we changed from judgEment to judgment while I was in school, and I ain't THAT old! It comes from the French, "jugEment," and I think we should have retained the E. "Canvas" comes from Middle English, "canvas," but originally it is Latin - "cannabis." Damned stuff. No other English spelling is given. I find "convertible" only with an I, no A. Latin root again. You are right about "collectAble!" I learned something new! Coming from its Latin root, the A is better than the I. Just last night I was lamenting that students are no longer required to study Latin in high school. And even teachers aren't required to study language beyond 2 years, I believe, in high school. How can you teach English if you know nothing about the other languages we borrowed from? I've taught elementary students a bit about origins and they LOVE it! Just basic learning theory: (1) you never know what's going to click in with a kid (2) the more angles you use to get information stored in the brain, the faster it can be used and the more that bit of information can be synthesized with other related bits!

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