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Poster: shasta
Good Afternoon, KoG! Well, I finally did it. What else does one do when one doesn't feel well - but read? I finished all Dan's chapters on Jesus. I found them to be quite enjoyable. A few things just whizzed over my head. But he mentioned some things I hadn't thought about that just rang true. The best example is the analogy between figs/fig trees and Israel. Tiny concept, but an eye-opener for me. In finishing these writings, I saw how Dan was a detailed person - to the max. He had the ability to see the tiny things, research them and them illuminate them. I appreciate that. And he had me beat by a long shot in that arena!!! Despite the fact that I can't see worth beans today, I only noticed one spelling error - if one discounts his constant spelling of "judgement." Phonetically, he's absolutely correct and it goes against the grain every time I write, "judgment." Anyhow, it's almost like he deliberately slowed down and concentrated on correctness as he progressed through this series.

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