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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: Dan's Ministry Writings


Poster: shasta
Good Afternoon to You KoG! I'm feeling pretty fit after my nap. Whatever I've had this weekend, I hope it's GONE!!! I've now read all of Dan's ministry writings, except the 26-part series on Jesus. I've read 7 parts of it so far. In this series, I see him making more spelling/grammar errors, but I also see him writing sentences that I don't understand. Do you know the order in which he wrote/posted any of these? His treatises on Islam, as well as End Times Prophecy are VERY clear. I understand why you feel his writings are milk. At the same time, I find that he uses a lot of theological terms that a non-believer or new believer wouldn't understand. It's so hard to remember the thought processes and lack of vocabulary that one had B.C. And yet, that's what we have to do. At any rate, I've enjoyed reading them, thus far. Reviewing through recent posts on the other side, I also have realized how firmly-rooted is my understanding that it's a personal relationship that makes the difference. And perhaps my carefree, lazy MO in relationship-making colors my understanding and practices - hopefully not in a negative way! Dewey's song, "Walk in the Woods," comes to mind, and that's kinda me - with people and with Jesus. Spontaneous and informal. You know the words, "Would it matter to you if we just took a walk, to see where this path leads to?" At any rate, I think I did glean something new about the 7 letters. Mind you, I skim almost everything I read, so holding onto content is difficult. But I think he and Catherine both got the revelation that those 7 letters are a progression of the path the "church" would take down through the ages. I've never thought of them as being a progression before. But I must say, as I take a look at current goings-on within the church, we're in the Laodicean Age! LUKEWARM. In spite of that, more people are coming to Jesus all the time!

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