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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: Fair Music??


Poster: shasta
Hello There, KoG. From your answer, I detect some ire??? I'm well aware of your posts, and that's why I had the audacity to point-blank ASK, because I don't recall you ever stating the fact, point-blank. Although Mount Shasta is a gorgeous place to live, it has long been visited by new agers who consider the mountain to be sacred. Or trees or rocks, or whatever. They ALL talk about Jesus, but none of them has a personal relationship with Him. So I'm getting more careful and not assuming as much as I used to. The new age climate and the rural-ness of the area attract a lot of "earth cookies." They are oftentimes dirty and very strange looking. Many are stoned out of their gourds. However, when I take an evening walk, I say hello to them and have had some interesting conversations. I'm learning to see them through the eyes of Love and that's making all the difference in my approach. No need to explain to you why I capitalized the word "Love." When you're in the mood and have time, please do share your travel experiences, as I'd love to hear them. I haven't been back to read Dan's writings on the end times either. I am learning how to do patchwork, borrowed some tools, and yesterday afternoon I got 3 small projects put together. Despite the fact that I got a different design than I planned (and I watched a video 4 times to learn) they all turned out very well and the colors are gorgeous. This afternoon I will probably continue with the next step. I didn't swim yesterday. The water looks too much like the Venetian canals! We have smoke today (and last night also) and the temperatures aren't high enough to swim. O.K. off to the races!!!

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