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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: Fair Music??


Poster: King_of_Glass
[quote="shasta"]All right, let me ask the all-important question, KoG: Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Anyhow, I encourage you to read daily! If one loves Jesus, one wants to know what He says! [/quote] S - I had written a message (including the places I went to in Europe) and was ready to post it, but I lost it when I went to look something up on Google first. So, I'll just address the "all-important question" that you posed to me. Frankly, I was extremely surprised that you asked me that question as I don't think there is anyone here who mentions God, Jesus and Christianity as topics more than I do. For example, my postings of the Four Blood Moons. Another is my recent mention of the Bible Codes as well as my frequent mention of being in the endtimes. You may rest assured that I know well what Jesus says and what He expects of each of us as believers. I live it daily at my workplace by going the extra mile to help ill patients who may not have the best personal hygiene because of their illness; by wheeling patients to the parking lot who would otherwise have to labor to walk to their vehicles; by helping a child or senior citizen dress because they can't do it well for themselves, etc. None of these things are required duties; I do them because of what Jesus has instructed each of us to do for those who are unable. Yes, reading the Bible is good (to say the least) as it is instructed by Jesus. To read the Bible daily is good; to do daily what the Bible says is better. Likewise, I encourage you and others to look into the Bible Code findings of Matthew Wright on YouTube. He is not the most eloquent speaker (far from it but isn't it just like God to use someone like Matthew?), but he has a God-given gift of codesearching the Bible. He is "Codesearcher Dotnet". God has encoded the Bible, and it is only via the computer that these codes are able to be found in these end times as I believe God has planned. Perhaps through these codes, a soul may be saved. Perhaps, through these codes, someone will see the mighty awesomeness of God for only He is able to do such an incredible thing as encoding the Bible. And, most importantly, perhaps through these codes someone will see that it's Jesus who is the one who determines our salvation and eternal life and not someone like Buddha or someone or something else. Regarding DanP's writing on "Endtime Prophesy," I will revisit them to see what he thought. PS: Yes, the canals of Venice are awful. It's basically sewer water! Italy, however, I thought was amazing...Rome, Florence, Milan and even Venice and it's pee/pooh water.

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