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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: Fair Music??


Poster: shasta
KoG, Mornin' to Ya! KJV, eh? I like the New KJV if I'm gonna memorize. But I haven't done that in eons. I should, because it would improve my brain! (Sorry for the interruption, but I was freezing inside and had to go out to recharge my solar batteries). All right, let me ask the all-important question, KoG: Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? I went through a stage in the last few years where I wasn't reading my Bible daily. I had read it faithfully for over 30 years and was feasting! But my norm was Psalms and Proverbs. As rich as they are, and as complete of a message they give, I was getting tired of reading the same-old, same-old. So I tried reading the gospels, the 5 first books of the OT, the prophets or the epistles. I got a lot out of that, but nothing grabbed me like Psalms and Proverbs originally had. My new thing is to read a chapter of Proverbs a day, out of the Amplified, Message and my French Bible - all on Kindle. Some parts of the Message bring the point home with no doubts. Others I feel he missed the intention. The French and Amplified are surprisingly similar. Of course, the Amplified is based on the KJV, adding in the Greek and Hebrew nuances, and taking from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Anyhow, I encourage you to read daily! If one loves Jesus, one wants to know what He says! And I surely do believe in the rapture! But you know what I tell people? I tell them they can believe anything they want, and if it corresponds with truth, then they've done well! As for WHEN the rapture? Years ago we studied a marvelous book, "The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church" written by Marvin (maybe it was Martin) Rosenbloom, a converted Jew. I highly recommend the book! It's mid-trib, to use the vernacular. It's a bit over my head. I cannot go back and study the original Hebrew and Greeks texts to see if the dude's pullin' the wool over my eyes. But he refers to MANY OT and NT verses and ties them all together in a way that makes sense to me. I'm more concerned about being included in the rapture than I am about when it's going to take place! Have you ever read the "Left Behind" series? I only saw the 1st movie and it was pointed enough! Gerry Beckley collects eyeglasses and white shoes. KoG collects watches! I collect rocks. They're free!!! Notice I said, ROCKS, not crystals? And you don't have a cell phone? Even Ellen has a cell phone! It ain't worth much. No problem with it getting stolen, but it is a pretty color! Girls. I'm very time-oriented. My Swiss-German-French genes. So a watch is important. I also like the ticking of clocks. So I have a noisy, ticking clock in my living room. Oh! You should tell about your travels! I have been to Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Beloruss. I've been to Heathrow Airport 3 times and I saw some of Ireland from the air in 2012! When I first went to Switzerland I thought I was gonna die from the smell of Gruyere cheese! That was as strong as the manure-sprayed fields in summer! Now I don't even notice the smell of cheese - any cheese! I suppose the countries visited that I've spent the least amount of time in are: Italy, Austria and Denmark. I didn't like Denmark at all, except for their trains. They are so comfortable and clean. Austria had terrible air pollution, especially near Innsbruck. And you couldn't pay me to drive through the Arlberg Tunnel, because of exhaust fumes! The canals in Venice are very dirty. Wouldn't want to fall overboard. I didn't like Serbia much. I don't like Romania either. It's a very hard, backwards country. Ceaucescu did a lot to oppress the people. France is difficult for me. Not sure why. We didn't have much freedom to minister at the 1992 Albertville Olympics, but the region is beautiful. I lived 2 months in the Champagne region, southeast of Paris. Weather was miserable. Some people were nice. Some weren't. People, you know. I've been in Alsace quite a bit and visited the trenches from WWI. There's a heaviness over Alsace. My grandfather's family was from Alsace-Lorraine, but I think more in Lorraine. They lost everything in the Franco-Prussian War. Germans are interesting. They're very intense, but I've had some good German friends. The Swiss-Germans and the Swiss-French are also very intense, and they can irritate me more than anybody! But I have an affinity for them. Perhaps I'm just used to them? I've eaten escargot several times and finally figured out I really don't like them. I like the garlic/butter sauce! I've eaten fried carp and I really like that. I've eaten lots of fondue and raclette. I prefer the former and I make it during the winter, from scratch. I've eaten lots of sauerkraut and like it fixed the Alsatian way, with juniper berries for flavor! I avoided blood sausage like the plague, but have eaten many other saucisses. My favorite pizzas were had in Poland and Croatia! So inexpensive, also. I've had fried cheese in Slovakia (oh yeah, I've been in Slovakia quite a bit) and in Sweden. Fixed 2 different ways. I like Lingenberry juice, Alsatian white wines, Suze and Appenzeller Bitters - the latter 2 will take your head off. I've spent a month in Greece and love the food there - baklava, mussels, falafel, gyros, feta cheese, greek olives, etc. Just don't like the men! I have blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. Target! I've been to a leper colony in Romania, the Chernobyl Children's Hospital and a maximum security men's prison in Minsk, many cathedrals, many different church services in many languages, riden public transportation everywhere and I love Swiss chocolate! Lindt. Traveling is interesting. So do tell me about your experiences! I love hearing things like that. I love listening to Flamenco guitar and I love watching someone play Flamenco guitar even more! I loved the Association's harmonies. "Windy" wasn't my favorite song because I couldn't figure out the lyrics. Was she "tripping down the streets of the city" or was she "stripping down the streets of the city?" I liked "Cherish," but perhaps my favorite was "Never My Love." Just came back from Dan Peek's page and his writings on "Endtime Prophesy." Very interesting, and I only skimmed. Although I don't agree with all his opinions, I saw some ideas that just smacked me in the forehead! I'm going to go back and read the chapters carefully! That's it for now. I need to get something done!!!

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