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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: Fair Music??


Poster: shasta
KoG, other than the fact that you turned in your assignment WAY late, I must give you an A+++ for details! You've got me beat by a LONGshot! Now I notice all those details you mentioned, but it's kinda like, "in one ear/eye and out the other." Down through the years, I learned if I don't have opportunity to discuss those details on the spot, I forget them. Though an introvert, I don't process everything internally. And I hated book reports too. Seemed like a waste of time. I must mention, however, you made some schpelling mischtooks. In re-reading some of my posts - following numerous proofreadings before SAVING, I must mention - I ain't doin' so hot in the schpelling department myself! Chalk it up to old age. Minus the schpelling mischtooks, you would've had an A++++++++++. (Just a little incentive for next time, eh?) I still prefer Joe Nichols' voice to Dwight Yoakum's - with my limited experience gained through watching YouTube. I didn't hear intonation problems with him, but he does NOT hold any one note for long, that's clear. Whether it's because he doesn't want to or because intonation problems come blaring out, I don't know. He kinda has an Eric Heiden look to him. Just LOVE Eric Heiden's smile. Joe Nichols' smile is sly-er. He's got the looks. Dwight Yoakum was in another line! Yoakum's keyboard-ist looks something like Ted Bluechel from the Association. At least his dark hair, long sideburns and hairstyle remind me of the late 60's and Bluechel in particular. Their clothing is definitely Liberace style. Too flamboyant for my tastes, but I don't like performers looking like they just walked in from a cow pasture either! And just in case SOMEBODY should venture over here and read this, Rich Campbell usually wears a red shirt, Bill Worrell usually wears a white shirt and dark vest, Dewey usually wears a dark shirt that seems to have been impeccably ironed and Mr. Beckley usually wears... I have looked at concert photos/videos this year and noticed with amusement that several times he's been caught wearing the proverbial white, long-sleeved shirt, which makes him disappear behind the 12-string ESPECIALLY when the spotlight is on. However, at both concerts I've attended, the proverbial white shirt has been carefully subdued and I've been able to find him, despite the spotlight??? TeeHee. So you don't like the smell of MANURE? Do not EVER go to Switzerland, then! During the summer months, the whole country smells like poop, because the farmers mix it with water and spray it on their fields. Glorious! I love aminals (sic) so I have habituated myself to the smell in order to pet the little creatures. Gen, in her review of the recent Vence, France, concert, said she stood near the stage. I think I could do that for an hour-and-a-half. But I'd need to find the ladies' room right before and possibly immediately after. I drink a LOT. (water) I have a "Think Pink" folding camp stool I take to baseball games. It's not big enough to fit my posterior. However, it does give the legs and feet a respite. Although I'm on my feet at work (up to 6 hours) I am moving around. I don't STAND well. Good music can take away the discomfort, however. Turns out I was fighting a virus at CalExpo, which commenced to aggravate my shoulder, arm and neck. I was in a lot of pain, but didn't notice it much during the concert. Next day it was moving into a migraine. So I took a tylenol. But I hear what you mean about being "up front and personal." I had a great, center-stage view at CalExpo, but being up against the stage at Tahoe couldn't be surpassed! Next venue is 4th row, aisle seat, slightly left of center. Only 20 minutes to your fairgrounds! I had 45. The wait definitely goes by faster when you have people to chat with. I enjoy chatting! A radiology tech who doesn't wear a watch? Incredible. I went without a watch for 2 years and used my cell phone instead. But, in sunlight, I can't read even the time, let alone anything else - without glasses. So, before Tahoe, I invested in a $10 WalMart special and I love it, except the band is WAY too big for my wrist. Maybe before the Canyonville concert I'll find somebody who will take a link out. After America's concerts in Arizona and Las Vegas were shortened due to rain, Dewey jokingly referred to them as being "Drought busters!" Then it rained the whole CalExpo concert. It apparently rained at their Kentucky State Fair concert also! Now you're saying you had rain, but no America. Perhaps it's music FANS who are responsible for all the precipitation??? (And I doubt seriously that the female fans were delighted in seeing jeans that were so tight they could see cowboy boottops. They weren't looking there). Ahem. I'm glad you enjoyed the 2nd concert so much. After going to Pikiwedia, I still don't know WHY "3 pears." It's a song on a very high-charting album by the same name. That's all I learned. Now, after reading your review, I can't WAIT until you attend an America concert! I'm sure I'll learn all kinds of things that I never focused on before - or at least don't remember. I hope you're having a good weekend. I borrowed some quilting tools yesterday, came home and practiced cutting, sewing and pressing squares of fabric. I did a right smart job, if I do say so myself! Not perfect, but quite good. I keep running outside to re-charge my solar batteries, which keep me warm. My house is at 72 degrees and it's 96 outside. My lettuce and Swiss chard aren't growing well. So I moved the planters. My cucumbers are noticeably growing, on a daily basis. Tomatoes are keeping me happy. I've got tiny string beans coming on. Still haven't planted my favorite carrots. I read my Bible outside (Kindle.) I answered several emails. I will swim later, probably - in what's left of our lake. Pathetic. P.S. What Bible translation do you read, and why? Just curious.

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