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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: Fair Music??


Poster: shasta
Hello KoG. There you are! I was afraid the fair did you in! Well, I listened to both of your dudes. Vocally, they're both excellent. I prefer Joe Nichols' voice. As to which one did the better job when you saw them in concert, I have NO idea. I'll tell you one thing, though; I must be getting REAL old, 'cuzz I just don't dig their music videos. Pardon me, but they're trying to look like "bad ass dudes," and I get real turned off by that! Equally abhorrent to me are the female performers who are giving that "come and get me" look! Is there something WRONG with looking and acting "good?" Isaiah 5:20!!! Be that as it may, I'll await your review, teedoo, teedoo, teedoo!

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