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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: It's the 24th July Down Under


Poster: shasta
Ha! KoG, it's county fair time here later this week also! I'll be thinking about you Friday. YAY, Senior Citizen Day and I get in for FREE! The advantage of age. I haven't checked out their website yet to see if they're charging to park in the dirt and weeds again this year. That annoys me. I'm looking forward to eating delicious Thai food, which the State Fair flopped on. They had it, it just wasn't "delicious." I saw the lineup for concerts and never heard of any of the acts. I'm not one to stick my neck out and pay $20 bucks or whatever, for unknowns. So I'll pass. But I'll be sure to check out the home economics exhibits, the photography exhibits, the arts & crafts exhibits, see if there's anybody I know in the commercial buildings and pet as many animals as I can get my grubby little hands on! Despite our heavy overcast and cool temps today with rain predicted later, it's supposed to soar back up to 95 later in the week. So, I'll do what I can, probably attend in the evening. I checked out Panda Ross, but after last night's storm, nothing wants to load fast. I'll try later. I love her explanation of how she got her name! If I'd stuck with America all these years, believe me, I'd have a whole lot more concerts under my belt! If you read my review of the May 24th Tahoe shoe, you saw where I was seated (up against the stage right in front of Gerry's keyboard, yay!) at a table with 3 generations of people. One of the men had attended 46 America concerts, I think it was! Amazing and wonderful! I understand Robyn's point of view, however. My income is pathetic. So it's a huge sacrifice for me to go to these shindigs. The State Fair was by FAR the cheapest for me, despite 4 hours driving each way. And IF I'd stayed with America all these years, I'd probably be bored with the same songs and the same patter. I know they're trying to broaden their already large fan base. And they've now got 2 new guys who are scrambling to learn or perfect the standard concert material. Bill's been with them long enough. He's ready to learn more songs, but Ryland isn't. I'm thinkin' Mr. Beckley and Mr. Bunnell are gonna have to break down and REHEARSE, so they can spiff up some of their incredible "obscure album cuts" and give Bill and Ryland the chance to learn them also. As for patter, YOU GUYS have so many stories to tell - about the songs or your 44 years of adventures, come on, give us some new patter!!! That's my needling for now! I'm so new at America's concerts I can content myself awhile longer with the same old songs. And I'm not discounting the fact that they are incredible songs. I can find something new to discover with each one, and I like that. But I will admit that I was hoping for a train song at the State Fair. With the big railroad museum in Old Town Sacramento, it would've been a perfect opportunity to insert one of those incredible songs into the setlist. With Ryland just coming onboard, that wasn't feasible. So, KoG, be sure to tell us about your fair experiences and include the music you hear. I hope the weather's cooler for you, too!

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