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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: It's the 24th July Down Under


Poster: King_of_Glass
S - Regarding if I've attended any good concerts, well yes, good in my opinion, but I'm a country music fan (as you probably remember) so Alan Jackson performing locally was very enjoyable. It's county fair time this week which means some performances for just the price of fair admission - a "whopping" $5! I didn't go though this past Saturday. There was a double-header with two 80's bands, Night Ranger and 38 Special. I like the latter and should have gone, but I decided to chill at home. The Christian band Mercy Me is performing this Wednesday followed by three country music performers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday...Joe Nichols, Dwight Yoakam and the Eli Young Band. I will probably go to see the first two. So you've been to two America concerts. Very good! Well, that's half of the total number of times I've ever seen them inspite of being a huge fan of theirs from the past. I am totally shocked how a large number of fans have seen them as many as 30 times or more. I think it was Robyn who said under the "Willie Leacox" subject title of the America-side of this site, America's performance is quite routine these days so something special would have to happen before I would be drawn out to a concert of theirs. Maybe something like what they did in the past - a Christmas special or a double-header with someone I like. Oh, remember you and I chatting about some people from my home town who have had some fame - most quite fleeting, however. I forgot one in particular. She's quite a character to say the least. You may have seen her on the X-Factor a couple of years ago if you watched the show back then. Here is a mention of her online plus her performance on the X-Factor back in 2012. As I said, she's a character: Online Info On Her Her Crazy X-Factor Performance

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