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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: It's the 24th July Down Under


Poster: shasta
Bow-wow and Oink-oink, KoG! Now, let's see; of the 2, which would I rather be, a dog or a pig? Ignoring the significance of dogs and pigs to the Jews, dogs are much cuter and really smart - some breeds. But pigs can be housetrained too, ya know! Our county sheriff had a pet Vietnamese pig that they let in the house all the time. But, alas, the poor little piggies get butchered and eaten. Of course, in some cultures, so do dogs. Back on topic. Do you get what I'm saying, KoG? If God has gifted you to delve into these codes, and after doing so, the H. Spirit bears witness, then go for it! I just don't have that gifting. But I ain't gonna be stupid and throw the notion in the garbage can. They're on the shelf, and if and when God tells me to take them off the shelf and examine them more closely, I will. Off to make a WalMart (MalWart) run!

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