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Forums :: Dan Peek Fan Blog :: It's the 24th July Down Under


Poster: shasta
Rhufe, Naw, I'm the simpleton of simpletons! I claim the spot! I think God gifts everybody according to the role(s) He wants them to play in His grand design. I'm no dummy, but I ain't gifted in math! To spend my time trying to understand those codes is not only a waste of time for me right now, but I think it's dangerous! I run the risk of falling for a hoax, just because I do NOT understand. Now, KoG, I'm saying these codes or Matthew are a hoax! I'm saying it's beyond my understanding. Good comparison; I could walk in cold off the street and attempt to do you job, and mess a whole lot of people up, right? I understand what I understand (and I'm not forgetting that we're admonished to study to show ourselves approved) but it's my responsibility to share what I know and understand. We are have that job. If you understand it, go for it. Maybe someday you'll get it through my thick skull!!! Later, Guys!

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